Final 2017 Leaderboard

Competitions have concluded for the 2017 calendar year and the points have been tallied for the final High Point Leaderboard. Click the link below to review points and placings. Advise us of any errors by December 15th by emailing

Remember these are points accrued at horse trials IN AREA III and may not match points shown on the USEA's national leaderboard. 

The 2017 High Point Ribbons will be mailed in December. Ribbons are awarded for 1st-6th placings.

Click the link below to view an explanation of leaderboard categories and qualifications.

Young Riders - PLEASE NOTE - You are automatically considered an amateur through the year of your 18th birthday. After that, you must declare your status. The declaration is on the USEA membership form and provided below for your information.